Single-color light gel for hands


・本方案內容:消毒+磨甲修型+甘皮保養+凝膠底膠+凝膠上色+凝膠上層+指緣油保養,操作時間約 90 分鐘。
・璀璨 / 貓眼 / 特殊造型等,一指需加價 TWD 100。
・凝膠指甲為輕薄型,若想凝膠增厚,現場操作人員會依您的指甲狀況提供建議;若諮詢過後可增厚,現場補差價 TWD 200。
・可現場加購卸甲服務 ( 卸甲 TWD 400 / 水晶 TWD 500 / 卸指甲油 TWD 50 ),請於備註說明。

Price List


From TWD 380

手部單色輕薄凝膠 + 凝膠卸甲

From TWD 780

手部單色輕薄凝膠 + 延甲 / 水晶卸甲

From TWD 880

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  • The designers here are all professional and energetic, creating unique hair styling for guests. In addition, it pays great attention to the selection of materials -- it carefully selects the raw materials of foreign companies that are suitable for Taiwan's climate, and takes care of every hair of the guest!

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  • We are unable to assign a service person to this item.
  • This product only serves female customers.
  • At the request of the store hand and foot patients with infectious diseases (such as rich hands, athlete's foot, gray nails, hand/foot warts, mold, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, various strains of infected skin, etc.), the store reserves the right to decline the appointment.
  • If you need a hand and foot operation on the same day, please choose your time slot, hand and foot can not be carried out at the same time.
  • The store reserves the right to offer your reservation for 15 minutes, if the time exceeds the time, the store has the right to offer your qualification to other customers, and ask you to make up for it according to the situation on-site.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the official store in advance: @998bbuca.
  • No food or drink will be served during the epidemic.


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