V-SHARK Hair Salon & Venessa Nail

深層洗髮 + 造型剪髮 + 頭皮滋養


・本方案內容:紓壓深層洗髮 + 剪前造型溝通 + 造型剪髮 + 頭皮滋養液 + 造型吹整;依照個人髮長和設計師的習慣,服務時間約 40 ~ 60分鐘。
・V - Shark 專業洗髮技術、搭配國外大廠洗髮產品,深層清潔您的秀髮及頭皮,洗完後神清氣爽;剪前設計師也會充分與您充分溝通再修剪出令您滿意的造型;剪後搭配頭皮滋養液保養,讓您整個人從頭到腳煥然一新,散發出都會型男美女的氣質。

About Merchant

  • Top materials:

  • The designers here are all professional and energetic, creating unique hair styling for guests. In addition, it pays great attention to the selection of materials -- it carefully selects the raw materials of foreign companies that are suitable for Taiwan's climate, and takes care of every hair of the guest!

  • Splendid decoration:

  • The modern decoration with industrial style and the color of the old castle is overall comfortable and elegant, providing visitors with a wonderful atmosphere.

  • Excellent location:

  • It is close to MRT Minquan West Road Station and Daqiaotou Station; if you are driving, there are indoor parking in the nearby Carrefour - in that case your car does not need to be exposed to the sun and rain.




Datong Dist., Taipei CityNo.161, Ningxia Rd.

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捷運大橋頭站,步行 3 分鐘 捷運民權西路站,步行 9 分鐘 捷運雙連站,步行 13 分鐘 公車捷運大橋頭站,步行 2 分鐘 公車涼州重慶路口站,步行 2 分鐘

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The Fine Print

  • 本店落實防疫期間之酒精手部消毒,實名制登記,測量額溫37.5以上不得入內,盡可讓顧客之安心服務流程。
  • 本店採用台灣各大廠牌及經過 SGS 認證請客戶安心使用。
  • 剪、染、燙前請充分與店家溝通。
  • 疫情期間不提供飲食。


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