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本商品為宮崎牛鐵板料理套餐,包含以下 7 品料理:
・宮崎牛:特選里肌肉 150 g( 可加購升級超特選腰內肉 120 g )

About Merchant

  • At Ginza Miyachiku, you can eat your fill of Japan’s number one Miyazaki beef, awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for the third consecutive time at the Wagyu Olympics, which is held once every five years.

  • Our luxurious Shibuya location offers a variety of seating options, including tables, counter seating, and private rooms.

  • Enjoy the delectable flavor of carefully-selected Japanese Black wagyu and Miyazaki beef, grilled to perfection in a teppanyaki style, in a shabu-shabu style, or even in a sukiyaki style. Not only does it make a wonderful meal on an ordinary day, but it’s also perfect for business settings, such as when dining with clients!




Tokyo, Shibuya CityUdagawacho 26−2, SANRUI Bldg. 2F

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3 minutes walks from Shibuya Station.

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The Fine Print

  • 因超特選腰內肉每日提供數量有限,預訂後請與FunNow客服人員聯繫,確認食材進貨情況。
  • 若對有任何食物過敏,請於備註欄說明。


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