ABBA Oxygen Chamber

頂級氧氣艙放鬆舒眠 60 min|男女皆可


・本方案內容:細分子高含氧水飲用 + 介紹氧氣艙的效用及益處 + 介紹艙內功能 + 艙內休息養護 ( 60 分鐘 ) + 出艙關懷客人使用情形。


  • 加贈抗菌產品小禮包

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  • "Hypoxia" means that there is not enough oxygen in the body to supply the metabolism. In the "Oxygen Cabin", you can get sufficient high-quality oxygen to improve dizziness, skin conditions, metabolism and other bad symptoms. It is very safe and is used for health care, anti-aging, medical beauty, healing, etc. It has been a trend for more than ten years. After lying down in the cabin, you will slowly feel renewed!

  • Recommended experience:

  • Try the combination of "Oxygen Cabin + Rhythm SPA". After absorbing oxygen, you can enjoy the masseur's skillful massage on the acupuncture points, as your body become flexible and energetic.




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