Tai So Par Bistro

Prepaid deposit of TWD 500 for deduction


・本方案內容:現場消費總金額 TWD 500 折抵。
・店家推薦菜色:醬燒牛小排 / 招牌綜合滷味 / 十三香麻辣蝦。
・店內低消為一人 TWD 300,均消為 TWD 650。

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About Merchant

  • Restaurant Concept:

  • So Par reinterprets the Taiwanese flavor, making it fashionable to enjoy stir-fried dishes! It brings the local Taiwanese flavor in your memory onto the elegant dining table, and develops a new world of stir-fried and braised dishes.

  • Signature Cuisines:

  • Braised dishes、intestines、fried noodle, fried rice, various types of stir-fried dishes; spirits、red wine、soju、sake、sparkling wine! You can have whatever you want! The taste of local Taiwanese style will make you feel like home!

  • Splendid Interior Design:

  • It uses elements such as triangle, brick and gold to create a comfortable and elegant dining environment. Moreover, the underground floor is spacious and available for being rented by a big group to enjoy!




No.36, Sec.4, Civic Blvd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhongxiao Fuxing Station / 7 min walk ( Bus ) Civic Fuxing Intersection Sta. / 4 min walk

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Business Hours


  • 此方案可折抵現場消費總金額 TWD 500。
  • 最後點餐時間為 01:00,酒水飲品最後點餐時間為 02:00。
  • FunNow 預訂與店家現場優惠不可併用。
  • 需收開瓶費威士忌 TWD 600、紅白酒 TWD 300。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy