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深夜食堂酒吧巡禮|含酒精飲料 2 份


・本商品為 20 歲以上成人 1 人的體驗行程費用。
・本商品體驗時間為 4 小時,並包含 2 份酒精飲料。
・吉祥寺被稱為東京最適合居住的地方,但其實許多人並不知道巷弄內有許多非常特別的小酒吧。吉祥寺與口琴橫丁,有著許多 1950 年代風情的小酒吧、刮著碟盤的酒保、口味特殊及有趣的食物,店員還會跟你一起喝酒一起瘋。口琴橫丁的酒吧巡禮將會是最適合探索東京和吉祥寺特殊風情的體驗。

About Merchant

  • Kichijoji is widely known as one of the best places to live in Tokyo, but many don’t know of its local reputation for Dozens of retro pubs. Some are so off-the-grid that even Google Maps doesn’t know of their existence! Most of these tiny bars are located in Harmonica Yokocho (or Harmonica Alley), which started as a flea market after World War II. Now, Kichijoji and Harmonica Yokocho are home to 1950s themed pubs, record-scratching bartenders, obscure/unique cuisine, bars where the staff drink with you! Bar hopping in Harmonica Yokocho is for sure the best way to explore Tokyo`s off the beaten path pubs and eateries in Kichijoji.

  • Each bar or Izakaya as they are known in Japanese, only seats a few people, with some of the smallest seating only seven. No sooner will you have sat down and ordered a drink than you’ll be drawn into the exuberant atmosphere, conversing with talkative locals. Whether or not you speak Japanese, Harmonica Yokocho is the perfect place to strike up a conversation with your neighbors at the bar counter, because even if you don’t know Japanese, our bar hopping local guide is happy to interpret. Soon, you’ll be cracking jokes and saying “kampai!” like a local.

  • The trilingual tour guide is something of a local celebrity; every few minutes, somebody recognizes him and calls out his name or claps him on the back. Having lived in Kichijoji for the past couple of years and gotten to know the owners and bartenders of some of the most eccentric and friendly bars in Tokyo, he’s the perfect tour guide to take you bar hopping in Tokyo’s most livable neighborhood, Kichijoji.


Kichijoji Honcho 1-4-18, 吉祥寺駅前共同ビル, Tokyo, Musashino,

Public Transportation

1 minute walk from North Exit of Kichijoji Station of JR Chuo Line or the Keio Inokashira Line.

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  • 本商品限 20 歲以上成人購買。
  • 集合地點位於吉祥寺車站北口之31冰淇淋(Baskin Robbins)前。
  • 體驗過程中,將以英文或日文進行解說與互動,請您留意。
  • 本商品費用已包含 2 份酒精飲料,體驗過程中其餘的餐飲費用需自行負擔,建議您額外準備 3000 日圓左右之現金。


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