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・本方案內容:消毒 + 指緣軟化 + 指緣甘皮修整 + 調整甲型修型 + 甲面拋磨 + 底層凝膠 + 單色凝膠上色 + 上層凝膠 + 指緣油滋養。

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From TWD 1099

足部單色 + 基礎保養

From TWD 1599

足部單色 + 基礎保養 + 足部卸甲

From TWD 1999

足部單色 + 足部卸甲

From TWD 1499

About Merchant

  • Services:

  • This is a Well-received, cute and high-quality nail and eyelash store! The staffs are very professional and will give practical suggestions based on personal needs. You can choose a variety of eyelashes and nail styles, and then they will use excellent skills to make you very happy and feel cuter when walking out of the store!

  • Top materials:

  • It uses all kinds of very high-quality materials. Unlike ordinary stores, where you may feel uncomfortable when planting eyelashes, here the aesthetic glue makes you feel so comfortable that you might fall asleep! The nail art is so refined that you can't help but show off!

  • Splendid decoration:

  • The environment s very high-equality, simple and comfortable. It mainly use wooden furnitures for decorations, which makes people feel intimate!




3F.-1, No.41, Nanjing W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhongshan Station / 1 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Zhongshan Station ( Zhiren High School ) / 2 min walk

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  • 本專案恕無法指定服務人員。
  • 疫情期間不提供飲食。
  • 本店符合政府防疫規範,請安心體驗服務,若有調整依現場公告。
  • 顧客入店需配合店家現場公告之防疫規範,若有調整依現場公告。


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