入場券(男性)| 贈送飲品 1 杯


・本商品內容為男性入場券 1 張,並附贈飲料兌換券 1 張。

Purchase Guide

Please arrive at the club within the time slot that you choose, user will not be allowed to enter if did not come in time.・Customers under 20 years of age may not enter the place, however the restriction does not apply if event is held during the day time, please check the event info site. 
every entree will be required to present their ID before entering the venue, please bring a photo ID such as Passport or Insurance card with you prior to the event. If your Identification documents did not have your photo attached, please bring one more photo ID such as student card or staff ID card.
No dress code is applied, however if determined by the staffs that the outfits are inappropriate in public space, wearing sandals or overly exposed outfits, showing Tattoos (including body paints or tattoo stickers), Warp Shinjuku reserve the right to refuse your entry. 
Upon entry, we will provide lockers for you to store your belongings, we also provide space in case of suit cases or luggages. Please notify the staff at the entrance.
Warp Shinjuku is not responsible for theft or loss of personal properties.

About Merchant

  • From the world to Tokyo, from Tokyo to the universe.

  • Inspired by being in a spacecraft floating in the space, passing through the Japanese nostalgia that you see in the movie or mange, all the way to the future. Enjoy the space and the experience of fusion of “East meets West”, “Past and the Future”!

  • Make clubbing more easily accessible is the priority mission, establish a new culture from Shinjuku. Lets create a unforgettable memories together!




Kabukicho 1-21-1, Second Toa Kaikan B1, Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku

Public Transportation

7 minutes walk from Exit D3 of Shinjuku Station. 3 minutes walk from Main Exit of Seibu Shinjuku Station of the Seibu Shinjuku Line. 8 minutes walk from Exit B11 of Shinjuku-sanchome Station of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line or Fukutoshin Line and Toei Shinjuku Line.

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Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • 未滿 20 歲禁止入場。
  • 請依照您訂購的時間入場,超過預約時間將不可入場,請特別注意。
  • 入場時,請出示您的身分證明證件,例如護照、身分證等等附有可辨識的臉部照片之證明。如果您的健保卡等等的身分證件上無臉部照片,煩請同時準備附有臉部照片與記載姓名的學生證或員工證等證件。
  • 本店未限定來店時的著裝。但若工作人員判斷您穿著不適合於公共場合的服裝,我們可能將婉拒您入場。或是基於安全理由,我們也可能拒絕您穿著露趾涼鞋或過度輕便的服裝入場。此外,如果您露出了刺青(包含紋身貼紙、身體彩繪),也有可能因此被婉拒入場。
  • 入場後,我們設有上鎖寄物櫃供您使用。如有大件行李,我們也為您準備了置物空間,如需使用,請告知入口處的工作人員;但若您的物品遭竊,本店概不負責,請您見諒。


Cancellation Policy