Ryotei Naha

Waryu Premium Set Menu


This product is a set menu with 12 dishes per person, including:
・Appetizer platter with 3 kinds of dishes
・Three-layered pork
・Grilled Ise lobster and sea urchin
・Pork and vegetable hot pot
・Fried fish with black vinegar and wuhua fish
・Chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard)
・Stir-fried bitter melon
・Kombu (kelp) soup
・Peach juice
・Pickled vegetables
・Dessert: West-country rice

Price List

和琉 5,500 円コース|12 品|琉球舞踊 2 曲付き

From JPY 5500

コース+琉球民謡と踊り 2 曲、島唄 1 曲

From JPY 16500

コース+琉球民謡と踊り 3 曲、島唄 3 曲

From JPY 27500

コース+琉球空手を取り入れた舞踊や琉球民謡 3 曲、島唄 3 曲

From JPY 38500

About Merchant

  • Introduction:

  • Opened in 1949, known as the one of the three most famous restaurant in the old town of Okinawa, serving traditional Okinawa royal cuisine.

  • Activities:

  • Live performance of Okinawa traditional dance.

  • Special seats:

  • all seats are private booth, with the largest one which can fit close to 300 people.


Private Room


Tsuji 2-2-11, Okinawa, Naha

Public Transportation

Map Code : 33 155 597*11 12 minutes walk from Asahibashi Station of the Okinawa Urban Monorail Line.

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Business Hours


  • Please arrive at the restaurant on time after confirming your reservation. If there is a delay in your schedule or you have any questions that need to be addressed with the restaurant, please contact FunNow customer service by going to the app's member page, then to FAQ, and then to "Other - Contact Customer Service" in the lower right corner of the screen. A dedicated representative will assist you.


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