腳底 + 全身按摩 80 min


・本方案內容:精油海鹽泡腳 10 分鐘 ( 含肩頸按摩 5 分鐘 ) + 腳底按摩及半身指壓按摩 65 分鐘,手技為 70 分鐘。
・暢銷組合,FunNow 極度推薦。

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腳底 + 全身按摩 80 min

From TWD 1090

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  • Recommended experience:

  • Foot bath, shoulder and neck massage, foot oil massage, whole body oil massage...Every need can be well satisfied. The pressing skills are right on spot with a bit of soreness. Not only will the body be relaxed, but the pressure that has accumulated for a long time will also be released!

  • Interior decoration:

  • The white color is bright, refreshing, fashionable, natural, and gives people a modern sense of professionalism -- allowing guests to leave their bodies to the masseurs with confidence.

  • Excellent location:

  • It it close to Exit 8 of MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station, thus is very convenient for office workers. After work, you can immediately run away from stress, have a healthy life, and relax.


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Private Room


1F., No.321-1, Changchun Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

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捷運 南京復興站,步行 4 分鐘 公車 興安華城站,步行 2 分鐘 公車 長春市場站,步行 2 分鐘

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  • Please notice that the service staff will be assigned randomly.
  • Food or drinks will not be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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