Forever Beauty
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Banqiao Dist., New Taipei CityNo.160, Sec. 3, Minsheng Rd.

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About Merchant
  • Professional techniques:

  • This is a super famous nail, eyelash, and tattoo store in Banqiao! When walking into the store, you can see many certificates and trophies, showing how good their technique is! The store manager is even a "judge-level" person. If you want to make yourself beautiful, and want to know how amazing the store's skill is, just visit this store in person. You will for sure be surprised!

  • Interior decoration:

  • It is cute like a fairy tale! There are a variety of small potted plants in front of the store. The greenery and lovely decoration make people happy. The interior of the store is warm and comfortable, making you feel like staying at a friend's house!