Oyster and Meat Azabu Iroha

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東京都港区元麻布 3-10-12

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  • 【About this restaurant】At 「Azabu Iroha」, we serve cuisine made from branded oysters from the hometown of the owner, Hiroshima. Please enjoy the rich and flavorful taste of oysters that fills your mouth. Also, we offer exquisite Yonezawa beef dishes cooked right in front of you. Enjoy the melting texture of professionally cooked meat and the richness of oysters, paired with a selection of five types of red and white wines.

  • 【Special Menu】In addition to our proud oyster dishes, we highly recommend trying our Yonezawa beef dishes. Our「Sukiyaki」 is prepared by searing the surface of the meat and seasoning it with sugar and soy sauce, allowing the condensed flavor to spread in your mouth with each bite. We also recommend the「shabu-shabu」, which you can savor the finely marbled Yonezawa beef. Furthermore, we offer 「Kanonabe」 made with duck meat from Iwate. Please fully enjoy the luxurious flavors of each meat dish.

  • 【Ambiance】Unlike the hustle and bustle of the city,you can relax in our high-quality space. The interior, renovated from an old folk house, exudes a stylish and serene atmosphere with a blend of Japanese and Western elements.Please spend leisurely time with your family, loved ones, or close friends in this heartwarming space.


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