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Kowloon, Mong KokRoom E, 11/F, Far East Consortium Mong Kok Building, 11 Nelson Street

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  • S Place is recommended by the Mong Kok dayuse hotel. Located just a 1-minute walk from Mong Kok MTR Station. Each room features a unique theme, from cute and romantic to cozy and inviting. Take your pick and have a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable room all to yourself and your friends. It’s the perfect place to have a blast and let loose, all at once!

  • S Place dayuse hotel facilities:mart TV for unlimited Netflix/YouTube streaming, Charging cables, condom (1), Guaranteed cleanliness with disposable amenities provided (2 sets).

  • S Place reasons for recommendation:Unique themed rooms, access to Netflix/YouTube, convenient location, 1-minute walk to the subway station.

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