Where Inn

4.8 (90)


Kowloon, Mong KokFlat 40P, Wing Wah Building, 14 - 24 Sai Yeung Choi St S,

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  • Where Inn is a self check-in hourly hotel in Mong Kok. It is conveniently located near the subway station and offers self-check-in for a private and hassle-free experience. Recommended for young couples (limited to two people).

  • Where Inn facilities: double bed, smart TV, Netflix / YouTube, disposable amenities.

  • Where Inn recommendations: only a 3-minute walk from Mong Kok subway station, self-check-in.

  • Where Inn reviews: FunNow rates it 4.8 stars with highly positive and genuine recommendations.

  • Where Inn is the perfect hotel for couples, with self-service options and great deals. Check out the promotional information for Where Inn immediately ⬇︎


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