Bangkok Float Center (Phra Khanong)

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1110/10 2nd Floor at Hope Land Executive Residence Hotel, Sukhumvit 46/1, Phrakanong KlongToey Bangkok

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  • Bangkok Float Center is excited to provide Thailand with a truly dedicated float center. Bangkok Float Center offers private spa suites with state-of-the-art Dream Pods that will allow your body to truly rest. The float tanks are setup with approx. 1200 pounds of epsom salt in about 10 inches of water. The buoyancy allows you to float effortlessly on the water in a zero gravity environment. This can relieve pain, improve sleep, detox, de-stress, heal, and allow your mind to truly shut down and rest. It's only a float away!

  • Relieve your stress and float away at the #1 rated Spa & Wellness Activity in Bangkok on TripAdvisor. Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in next-gen floating pods


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