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Xinyi Dist., Taipei CityNo.133, Guangfu S. Rd.

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  • HMS Beagle is the handmade experience brand of Mr. Sai Science Factory. HMS Beagle extends Darwin's identity as a museum, geologist, and biologist, and uses diverse biological elements such as plants and minerals to present the elegant side of science, emphasizing the lifestyle style and making people feel like they are in the HMS Beagle. You are invited to bring the spirit of exploration of Darwin and embark on a journey to the Beagle with us, full of the unknown.

  • HMS Beagle content: Walden box plant ecological bottle

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  • The location is located in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. After the experience, you can take a walk and have afternoon tea in the park, so it's perfect to arrange a weekend date with quality handicrafts.

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