Point Motel

4.9 (1309)


Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan CityNo.70, Gaoshuang Rd.

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  • The Pointmotel is a special motorway in the Pinetown area. Point motel has a fashionable charm design, happy point KTV facilities, steam equipment, bubble illusion Jacuzzi, 55-inch LED TV, 35 charming theme rooms, 10 meters wide access driveway, unique fashion design, safe and exclusive parking spaces so that you are in the city, you can also enjoy the unparalleled relaxation and comfort.

  • Motel rating: Google 4.0 stars recommended

  • Recommended by motel: Only a 4-minute drive from Zhongli Interchange. There are not only general rooms but also gaming rooms and KTV rooms in the hotel, providing you with a different experience and overturning your imagination of the motel.

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