The Moment Hotel Yilan by Lakeshore

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Wujie Township, Yilan CountyNo.201, Sec. 2, Wubin Rd.

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  • The Moment Hotel Yilan by Lakeshore is located in the Yilan Art Park, a national traditional art center. The concept of "staying at night in Lanyang Art City and wandering through the old-fashioned lanes," allows visitors to stay at ease, play freely, and gather at the Heritage Center to discover the traces of culture and art hidden in everyday life and to deeply experience and spread the traditional art of Taiwan. The guest rooms are designed by Huang Shengyuan Architects, with nostalgic stone floors, corridors and ponds, pavilions and wooden chairs, and the freedom to travel through the rich Minnan-style architecture, as if traveling to old Taiwan, leaving a momentary memory full of rich cultural atmosphere.

  • A Sustainable Journey. Lakeshore Hotel Group is leading the green initiative to create a more eco-friendly hotel experience. Guest rooms will not provide disposable, one-time use toiletries. We kindly encourage you to bring your own. Thank you for helping us reduce our carbon footprint and improve our sustainability efforts.


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