Ji Xian Hot Pot

4.2 (40)


Songshan Dist., Taipei City八德路四段261號

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  • About the restaurant:

  • The restaurant cooks clams weighing two and a half pounds very slowly and concentrated it into a delicious clam soup base.When the lid is opened, the fresh fragrance of the clams comes into your face immediately! Have a sip of the soup and finish the dish -- you will for sure be full of energy and can say goodbye to your fatigue!

  • Special soup base:

  • Take a sip of the delicious and concentrated clam essence is the most luxurious way to start the meal. Together with the broth that takes six hours to cook, you will start a gourmet journey of freshness!

  • Green sauce, miso sauce, kimchi sauce, and various dip sauces are accompanied by natural ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, and meat. Finally, the soup base filled with the essence of various ingredients is boiled into a fragrant clam porridge, which you will remember for a long time!


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