Urbanwood Ap Lei Chau

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Hong Kong, Ap Lei Chau29 San Shi Street

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  • “Urban” refers to Hong Kong’s unique metropolitan life, and “Wood” emphasises how we incorporate nature into our designs. At Urbanwood, we are dedicated to bringing you authentic travel experiences in a relaxed, homely environment together with our hassle-free yet very personal service.

  • An island connected by a bridge from Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau is tucked away from the vibrant city centre of Hong Kong. Known for its fishing culture and seafood, it also has a close-knit community where people gather for festive celebrations and event.

  • Located in a fascinating local community with lots of authentic character, Urbanwood Ap Lei Chau offers a refreshing new approach to hospitality in Hong Kong’s south side and we strive to create truly memorable experiences for guests with our hassle-free yet very personal service.


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