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Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji Minamicho 2 - 5 - 4 仁愛ビル B1F

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  • 【About Uo Hide Zen】The sister store of Uo Hize, which is Kichijoji's favourite seafood izakaya. Uo Hide Zen not only provides the most variety and freshest catches, they also offer spacious seats and booths for customers to choose from.

  • 【High-quality ingredients】All catches directly delivered from all over Japan are plump and delicious. The store manager sets up nets in Oiso Port catching wild fish in person, to let customers enjoy seafood in its season. Rosy seabass, banded spiny basslet, group, etc, Uo Hide Zen has all kinds of high-grade fish!

  • 【Signature Cuisines】

  • Sashimi-Moriwase: Satisfy yourself with 9 to 10 kinds of seasonal fresh fish!

  • Grilled oysters with sea tangle aka kelp: Tender and Soft grilled oysters paired with fresh sea tangle, what a perfect Japanese appetizer!

  • Grilled rosy seabass: Known as the ruby in the sea, rosy seabass is grilled to absorb the fish juice. The white fish meat is full of oily aroma, and the taste is tender, dense, and elastic. A must try for gourmets!

  • Drink : We have various kinds of local sake and rare Japanese wisky.


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