Tenpura GINZA ONODERA Higashiginza branch

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Tokyo, Chuo City,Ginza, 5 - 14 - 14 サンリット銀座ビルⅢ 4F

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  • Introduction:

  • Champaign and tempura, a brand new way of celebrating Japanese cuisine. Freshly fried seafoods and vegetables, with carefully selected champaign pairing by the sommelier,

  • elevate the delicate flavor of tempura, and also cut the greasiness from it.

  • Ingredients:

  • Produce: Fresh seafoods and vegetables from farm to table, taste the different seasonality through the dishes. Prepare the ingredients with the most simple preparation to highlight the natural umami and flavor,

  • Oil: Deep fried with 100% pure "Taihaku" sesame oil, mild sesame flavor actually elevate the natural flavor of the ingredients.

  • Decor:

  • Sit at the bar counter and prepare yourself for a show of Japanese chef's craftsmanship.


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