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  • Sengyo Kamameshi HIKARIYA Osaki New City branch
Sengyo Kamameshi HIKARIYA Osaki New City branch
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Tokyo, Shinagawa City,Osaki, 1 - 6 - 4 大崎ニューシティー 2F

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About Merchant
  • Introduction:

  • Straight from the local suppliers, fresh seafoods, sushis, set menus, ocean are calling your name!

  • Signature Dish:

  • 5 Treasures Japanese Flavored Rice: Rice cooked with flavored stock, topped with crab meats, oysters, salmon roes, sea bream and vegetables, the aroma from the rice itself when you open the lid is incredible, top that off with crispy rice crust, a perfect Japanese experience.

  • Tourist Attraction:

  • Located in the Osaki New City department store, take a walk after your meal, stroll down the aisle and maybe visit the art museum at the second floor.