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Okinawa, NahaAsato 2-4-7

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About Merchant
  • Origin:

  • Okinawa is a land where all the quality ingredients from 47 Prefectures of Japan are gathered. And we hope our restaurant becomes a place where people from different areas of Japan could exchange and share everything with anyone. So it is named “CROSS47”

  • Signature Cuisine:

  • Amazing mushroom pasta: The slices of mushrooms are sprinkled on the pasta and let off a fresh aurora. The texture is firm and you can even taste the similar flavor of meat! It truly amazes all the gourmets and definitely worth a taste.

  • Perfect Location:

  • 2 minutes from Makishi Station by foot. If you want to enjoy a sumptuous meal or you prefer to grab a drink alone. The delicacies and drinks here would heal your hearts.