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Okinawa, Naha CityHigawa 2 - 3 - 1, Nouren Plaza 115 - 3

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  • About the restaurant:

  • Main dishes, desserts, coffee, daily supplies, and much more! In addition, this Fusion Café offers alcoholic beverages. The art crafts are created by active artists in Okinawa. Their works include brass accessories, embroidery, pottery, candles, and textile crafts. You can definitely find your treasure here!

  • Quality Decoration:

  • An unique place for dining and calming. The decoration here creates a vintage vibe for relaxing. After the meal, you will space out and feel the time passing by.

  • Perfect Location:

  • On the left of the main door of Nouren Plaza, near Makishi market and Kokusai Dori! It’s the best place to take a rest after you finish shopping!


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