CANVAS Steak House
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Okinawa, NahaKumoji 1-3-20

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About Merchant
  • Quality ingredients:

  • Steaks: Apart from American and Australian beef, they also have Okinawan wagyu with the best marbling look and sweetness which is going to be melting in your mouth. If you prefer less quantity but the most refined parts, Canvas Steak won’t disappoint you!

  • Sauce: Red wine and red meat are a good match. Our sauce is made of red wine, and its warm and smooth texture brings out the flavor of the steak.

  • Cooking methods:

  • All the steaks here are fried on lava stones. Due to the effect of far infrared ray, steaks are cooked easily without oil. This methods not only unwraps the original flavor of the meats and fish, it also have the meat texture become more tender and juicy, which is mouthwatering!

  • Perfect Location:

  • Near the Prefectural Office Station, behind the RUYBO department store. There is good public transport!