Royal Courtyard ( Nanxi )

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Datong Dist., Taipei CityNo.129, Nanjing W. Rd.

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  • Professional masseurs: All masseurs are carefully selected as they know the acupuncture points of the human body very well and have precise control of the strength. The masseurs' fingers precisely press on the reflection areas corresponding to various parts and organs of the human body, activating the blood and muscles and making people feel refreshed!

  • Recommended experience: Foot massage, shoulder and neck massage, body oil massage... this place offers all the Chinese massage items that should not be missed! Come enjoy the masseurs' superb massage skills, as they push away your stiffness and soreness, and restore your liveliness!

  • Interior decoration: A lot of natural elements have been used, making it feels elegant and calm. As the heart is also settled down, you can feel renewed from inside to outside!


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