Michelin the Plate|Tainan Tan Tsu Mien Seafood

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Wanhua Dist., Taipei CityNo.31, Huaxi St.

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  • About Tainan Tan Tsu Mien Seafood: Tainan Tan Tsu Mien Seafood is located at Huaxi Street. The uniquely Taiwanese tasty seafood delicacies that it created graced the tables of the classiest five-star hotels. The seafood restaurant goes by a business policy to maintain "authenticity, freshness, credibility and service" to ensure that our "specialized delicacies shall be known for their uniqueness."

  • Signature Cuisine: A wide array of fresh and luscious seafood made from a cooking recipe passed on for 60 years. For instance , Steamed Fresh Lobster, French-style Foie Gras, and Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seeds & Scallops.


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