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Okinawa, UrumaIshikawa Kadekaru 479-1

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  • The biggest stalactite cave in the middle area of Okinawa. The locals called it Nuchishinujigamu, “ the cave that saved the lives.” During the wartime in Okinawa, this cave provided as a cover for people here and saved thousands of lives. It includes pillars, icicles, flowstones, stalagmites, and many other diverse stalactites. This underground cave is 200 meters long with lots of stalactite caves formed in millions of years. Also, you can see the animals that are rarely seen on the land. If you are adventurous, it must sound exciting to you! And don’t worry, the light is bright enough inside, path and safety equipment are also ready. Welcome to witness and experience the mystery power of nature with your family or lover!


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