Café Theatre

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Neihu Dist., Taipei CityNo.66, Aly. 9, Ln. 22, Wende Rd.

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About Merchant
  • About Café Theatre:

  • The handwritten-font on the signboard says: "Café Theatre home roasted coffee | handpicked | freshly roasted", showing its personality and the passion for coffee!

  • Signature Dishes:

  • The cup of coffee from"Columbia Nario Buenaaco Cooperative" is the star item of the cafe. It goes through an exclusive deep roasting method to remove bitterness, and retains a unique fruity aroma, a sweet taste and a long finish.

  • Atmosphere:

  • It is a cafe, but it also looks like a bistro from the outside! When you walk into the cafe, you will be surrounded by the aroma of coffee and a quiet and chill atmosphere. Together with the knowledge from the cafe owner, you will enjoy an intimate time with coffee here!


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