Hung Yeh Spicy Hot Pot ( Banqiao )

Meat Combo|2 Pax


・Inclusive of: Meat Combo for 2 pax.

Hotpot for 2 pax (small)
Wet-Aged Boneless Beef Ribs 5.5 oz
Aged Angus Beef 5.5 oz
Pork Shoulder Roast 5.5 oz
Braised Hog Fat-End / Braised Beef Tripe / Vegetable Platter / Tofu Skin / Guanshan Rice / Other Main Courses (choose 2)

About Merchant

  • About Hong Ye Hot Pot: The hotpot soup base can be customized and adjusted depending on the spicy level you prefer. You can also find many other kinds of flavored hotpot broth along with a variety of fresh ingredients. All you need to do is to put them together for a flavorful broth.

  • Quality Ingredients: Marbled Beef & Iberian Pork Loin End.

  • Spotless Atmosphere: The simple and Japanese wooden design provides a clean, bright atmosphere for dine-in customers.




Banqiao Dist., New Taipei CityNo.65, Sec.2, Shuangshi Rd.

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Jiangzicui Station / 8 min walk ( Bus ) Datong St. Entrance Station / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Shuangshi Rd. Entrance Station / 4 min walk ( Bus ) Bade Park Station / 7 min walk ( Bus ) Jiangcui Junior High School Station / 8 min walk

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The Fine Print

  • 因應疫情期間,如需內用或是外帶依餐廳現場公告為主,造成不便敬請見諒。
  • 最後點餐時間為午餐 14:30、晚餐 21:30。
  • 此方案不接受現場加購,為避免影響您的用餐體驗,請提前預訂,並於預訂時間使用。
  • 現場額外消費另收 10% 服務費。
  • 此方案可抵兩人低消,第三人起依店內低消為一人 TWD 275 消費。


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