NOX Taipei

Ardbeg Highball + Signature Spicy Ramen|1 Pax


・Inclusive of: 1 Signature Spicy Ramen + 1 Ardbeg Highball
・Highball mixed with single malt whisky Ardbeg, matching your off-work mood. Spicy ramen is the well-known and signature cuisine in NOX Taipei. The spice is non-adjustable, so be prepared to get sweaty.

About Merchant

  • About NOX Taipei: This bar without a wine list makes it more approachable to you, as it makes you feel like spending time at a friend's house! The owner has also collected more than two hundred bottles of whiskey -- each of which deserves a try!

  • Signature Dishes: As soon as you enter the bar, the waiter brings you some snacks. With a simple menu, you can directly order your drinks and food with the waiter! For those whisky lovers, this bar is heaven to you! There are various types of alcoholic drinks for you to smell to choose from!

  • Lighting & Atmosphere: The lighting brings a sense of laziness to the bar! You can find wine bottles everywhere and if you look closely, you will even find toys at some corners!


Smoking room


No.7, Ln. 71, Sec.2, Anhe Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Xinyi Anhe Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Wenchang St. Entrance Sta. / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Tonghua St. Night Market Sta. / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Lih Jen International Private School Station / 4 min walk ( Bus ) Tonghua St. Station / 4 min walk

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  • Additional purchase is not available on-site. Please complete all the booking process in advance and arrive on time.


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