ABHAI Wellness (Asoke)

Smartphone Massage 60 Mins


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Emphasizing hand massage, finger massage, and lower arm massage is a way to relax and alleviate symptoms, allowing the nerves to loosen up and relieving pain and stiffness. This is especially beneficial for individuals who spend prolonged periods using mobile phones or sitting at a computer, utilizing their arms and wrists repeatedly, which can lead to issues such as arm pain, wrist pain, finger pain, or even numbness radiating from the neck to the arms, due to excessive use.


  • Abhai Wellness offers a Royal Herbal Heritage for balanced healthcare. Our premium Thai medical herbs, combined with the renowned "ABHAIPHUBEJHR" recipe, form the foundation of our healthcare services.

  • We provide holistic Thai medical treatments and products that promote wellness.

  • Experience the Thai royal treatment through massages and spa, fostering balance, relaxation, and pure beauty. Embrace Luxury Living with our Natural Concept.

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195/1 Lake Ratchada Office Complex , 3rd floor Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


Near BTS Asoke Station, walking distance 9 Mins Car parking available near the shop




  • Please arrive at the shop 10 Mins before service time.
  • Late arrival will cause shorten of service time.