Lailalin Soap (Ramintra)

Private Workshop: Tall Taper Candle Holder + Tea Light Holder made from Epoxy Resin 180 Mins


Teaching Tall Taper Candle Holder + Tea Light Holder with Epoxy Resin:

🌸 Imagine the beauty of incorporating adorable flowers that surround us into the epoxy resin creations, such as tall taper candle holders and tea light holders.

✨ Private Class: Enjoy a comfortable one-on-one learning experience with detailed instructions provided for each step, starting from the beginning. You will also receive recommendations on where to purchase materials and supplies.

🍀 You can apply the techniques learned in the class to various other projects, including decorative trays and jewelry dishes.

💕 In a single class, you will create 2 tall taper candle holders and 2 tea light holders. It's definitely great value!

🌈 Special offer!! For mothers with children aged 5-10 years, you can bring one child to participate in the class for free. ❤️

📌 What you will learn in the class:

・Working with epoxy resin (no need for an oven-curing type).
・Selecting materials and tools.
・Choosing and using dried flowers.
・Creative techniques for your projects.
・Recommendations for purchasing various materials such as molds, colors, and flowers.

📌 What you will take home from the class:

・2 tall taper candle holders.
・2 tea light holders.
・2 tea light holder molds.
・A step-by-step guide.
・Bonus! 4 tea lights.

- Class Schedule -

9:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 16:00

Please choose your preferred time for the next step.


  • Lailalin Soap (Ramintra 40) is a hub for diverse workshops, aiming to foster a shared learning experience in an intimate setting. From ingredient selection to comprehending their attributes and combinations, we impart techniques for crafting intricate handmade creations like soap bars, scented candles, and resin crafts.

  • Our one-on-one classes are held privately, letting you select your desired date and time at our Ramintra 40 location. Perfect for beginners, these sessions require no prior experience. We ensure your comfortable guidance right from the start.

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Lailalin Soap, Intersection 31, 60/230 Soi Ramintra 40 Nuanchan, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230


Near BTS Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Station, driving distance 15 Mins




  • Please arrive at the shop 10 Mins before service time.
  • Late arrival will result in shorten of service time.