Dr.Spring Nail (Phayathai)

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28/79 Siri Avenue Phet Kasem 81 Rd, Nong Khaem, Bangkok 1016028/79 Siri Avenue Phet Kasem 81 Rd, Nong Khaem, Bangkok 10160


  • Welcome to A Nail Salon an eyelash extension and beauty tattoo shop, where we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty and helping you achieve the perfect look.

  • At our shop, we offer a wide range of professional services designed to enhance your eyes and define your facial features. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are dedicated to providing you with exceptional results, using the latest techniques and highest quality products.

  • Eyelash extensions are one of our most sought-after services, and for good reason. Whether you desire a subtle and natural enhancement or a dramatic and glamorous look, our technicians can customize the length, thickness, and curl of the extensions to suit your individual preferences. Using a meticulous and precise application process, we ensure that each extension is expertly bonded to your natural lashes, resulting in a seamless and long-lasting effect. Our goal is to give you fuller, thicker, and more luscious lashes that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

  • In addition to eyelash extensions, we offer beauty tattoo services to help you achieve perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. Our beauty tattoo artists are skilled in the art of microblading and micro shading techniques, using specialized tools and pigments to create natural-looking and long-lasting results. Whether you want to fill in sparse brows, create a more defined eyeliner look, or enhance the color and shape of your lips, our beauty tattoo services can provide you with effortless beauty that lasts.

  • Visit A Nail Salon today, and let us help you enhance your natural beauty, boost your confidence, and unveil a more radiant version of yourself.


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