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1 日 1 組限定|和牛燒肉套餐|附喝到飽


本商品為 1 人 300 克和牛、米飯免費續碗附 2 小時喝到飽的套餐,店家僅接受 4 人以上且符合來店人數之預約,請特別注意。
・ 300 克牛肉 1 種( 牛舌、心臟、赤身肉、牛臀蓋、板腱、里肌肉、牛五花、內臟組合等選 1 款 )


About Merchant

  • Concept:

  • "EMC" is short for "Enjoy Meat Club", as the name stated, if you are looking for a place to enjoy wagyu and beer, this is the right place for you.

  • Introduction:

  • There is a Hotel in the yakiniku restaurant?

  • "EMC" offers a unique experience of combining hostel with restaurant.

  • Dinners could sit at first floor, enjoy yakiniku and beer alongside with the beautiful Tokyo Sky Tree. If dinners feel like they want to stay overnight because they miss the last train home, they could simply go upstair and stay for the night!

  • Ingredients:

  • Omi Wagyu: From the Shigaken prefecture, one of the top three wagyu in the country, well marbled, silky texture, taste the premium quality in each bite you take.




Tokyo, Sumida City, Oshiage, 3 − 25 − 17 Loh ビル

Public Transportation

4 minutes walk from B3 Exit of Oshiage Station of the Toei Asakusa Line. 4 minutes walk from B3 Exit of Oshiage Station of the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line.

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The Fine Print

  • 當日提供的肉類可能會依採購情況稍有調整,請您見諒。
  • 本商品預訂後不可取消,敬請見諒。
  • 若希望增加肉類的數量,請當日於店舖下單。
  • 照片僅供參考。
  • 因店家僅接受 4 人以上且符合來店人數之預約,請於下一頁選購 4 份以上且符合同行者人數之相同套餐數量。
  • 若對某種食材過敏,請在預約時填寫於備註欄。
  • 本商品不可變更餐點品項,敬請諒解。


Cancellation Policy