Chanshuo Immersion

Reading Mountain area|camping reservation|Chinese New Year


・""Reading mountains "" Tent Package, suitable for couples/friends to enjoy the beautiful scenery, can accommodate 2 adults, please select the number of people in the next step.
・Reservation includes: Welcome snacks, dinner, breakfast, evening campfire, free parking.
・A 4-meter tent located in a semi-indoor and semi-outdoor space, with a double bed inside.
・The tent is equipped with a movable air conditioner, a small night light, a fan, a clothes hanger, and bath towels.
・A set of outdoor table and chairs for two is provided outside the tent.
・Outdoor shared bathroom: Wall-mounted shower gel and shampoo are provided.
・In support of eco-tourism, disposable amenities are not provided.
・After the order is established, partial modifications can be made. If cancellation is needed, it will be handled according to the cancellation policy.

Activity schedule
Admission time: 14:30, shuttle service time 14:30-17:30
check-in time: 16:00
Welcome snack time: 15:00-16:30
Shuttle service: 14:30-17:30 (from Restaurant to Parking Lot)
Dreamcatcher DIY time: starts at 14:30 until check-out (materials can be obtained at the front desk)
Dinner time: 18:00-19:30, culinary and cultural explanation at 18:00 (latest entry at 18:20)
Outdoor movie: 19:30-21:30 (canceled in case of rain)
Evening campfire: 20:00-21:30 (canceled in case of rain)
Breakfast time: 08:00-09:30, Western and Chinese-style dishes
Check-out time: 11:00
shuttle service time 10:00-11:50

About Merchant

  • 酒桶山上,一個看山的園區,層山疊嶂,在這座山林中只有幾座小帳棚,來這邊 Glamping,放空吃美食,所有美好都在這裡。 隱藏在台中市太平區山中,位於海拔700公尺山腰下,一年四季吹著微風,溫度舒適的露營地。在這裡沒有吵鬧的都市聲音,遠離光害、吵雜,只有你與山中靜靜。 山中靜靜,是一個讓你暫時遠離日常瑣碎、生活壓力的世外桃源。想要體驗大自然,不必辛苦準備露營物品,帶著一顆放鬆的心。來山中靜靜度假吧!




No.218, Shantian Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City

Public Transportation

[ Navigator ] Chanshuo Immersion [ Self-driving ] Northbound travelers: Take National Highway No. 3→Turn to Taiwan Line 74 (Taiping Exit)→Take Dongping Bridge→Turn left on County Highway 136→Turn left on Dongbian Elementary School→Turn right on Purple Power Line Pole No. 17→Continue driving for 1 km and arrive at Southbound travelers: via National Highway No. 1 (174 - Daya Exit) → turn to Taiwan Line 74 (26 - Taiping District Zhongshan Road Exit) → via Yijiang Bridge → County Road 136 → turn left at Dongbian Elementary School → turn right after purple wire pole No. 17 → continue driving for 1 km and arrive

Business Hours


  • 本園區採取預約制,若臨時來訪可能無帳篷可供入住。
  • 住宿期間請遵守園區內規定,相關規定請參考 [ 客戶須知 ] 內容。
  • 因應最近COVID-19疫情期間,如果升上第三級防疫警戒且維持在第三級的狀況下,我們將實施無條件取消或者延期。
  • 本店符合政府防疫規範,請安心體驗服務,若有調整依現場公告。
  • 顧客入店需配合店家現場公告之防疫規範,若有調整依現場公告。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy