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Da’an Dist., Taipei CityNo.102, Sec.2, Anhe Rd.

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  • Professional masseurs:

  • It hopes to offer the massage that is most suitable for Taiwanese. Therefore, the masseurs are sent to Europe, Thailand and China for trainings, and they have developed a set of techniques that are most in line with Taiwanese. The treatments are exclusive and top-notch!

  • Recommended experience:

  • The exclusive techniques focus on Thai massage. The Thai Royal Body Relaxation and Passive Yoga alleviate the long-term tired body and mind, making the muscles of the whole body no longer sore. The standardized process pays attention to all details and makes sure that you can enjoy it in all aspects!

  • Interior decoration:

  • Similar to the luxurious decoration and equipment of a world-class royal hotel, the services and cleaning process in the store are in line with the standards of a five-star hotel. The massage is more effective while your body is more relaxed!

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個人屬於怕痛怕癢派(但從來不給負評,這次也沒有要給負評) 去過安和館很多次了(大部分都是自己預約不是funnow),有時候有點像驚喜箱,大部分的師傅掌握力道很OK有一些就沒有這麼熟練,但這次去師傅可能平常就是大力搓揉派,跟他說痛他就輕到我覺得沒什麼感覺,但按著按著又大力到我變形 這次特別留長言是因為⋯我隔天發現我大腿有一塊瘀青了🙂而且我印象很深刻那個地方他跟揉麵團一樣揉到我的皮超痛 所以大家去盡可能可以找自己認識的或是先指定自己可以接受的力道的師傅(雖然是廢話但很重要)


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