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Neihu Dist., Taipei CityNo.210, Ruiguang Rd.

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  • About De Loin Hotpot:

  • The name "De Lion" is take from the the French phrase "de loin", which means to come from faraway. First making its name as a French restaurant, De Loin Hot Pot uses the French-style chicken stock as the soup base, taking hotpots to the brand-new level!

  • Excellent Ingredient:

  • Stewed with chicken and fresh vegetables, the signature "Dropped Chicken Stock" tastes fresh and sweet with low calories. You don't need to worried about putting on weights even if you drink a lot! You will end your hotpot with a mix-ingredients congee!

  • High-Quality Decoration:

  • A special U-shaped bar making the bright kitchen semi-open. This not only makes the food processing procedures more transparent, and make the whole space more open and spacious!

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