Simier Beauty Salon
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Xinyi Dist., Taipei City1F., No.68, Hulin St.

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  • Skilled techniques:

  • It applies techniques of soothing, smoothing and detoxifying muscles to help improve blood circulation on the face and promote normal metabolic function. Combined with special beauty massage techniques and mechanics theory, the facial muscles and fascia system are maintained in balance. Based on the tendons of the muscles and veins, comprehensive operations are carried out in all aspects. It deeply loosens tendons and hard lumps to make the tissue soft and restore normal state and function. It can achieve the functions of unclogging air resistance, clearing blood, and repairing cells.

  • Recommended experience:

  • Eliminating deep toxins makes skin white and translucent from the inside out and expels skin metabolic wastes quickly through blood circulation. It thereby improves facial complexion and delaying aging.