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  • 引源自安徒生童話 ” 賣火柴的小女孩 ” 寓意中,小女孩點燃火柴便能感受無比溫暖!

  • MATCHES 餐酒館期待成為都會中那道溫暖、明亮的光芒,不管您是一人獨享或是一群人歡愉,MATCHES 都希望您離開時,會比進來再開心一點。

  • Originated from Andersen's Fairy Tales "The Little March Girl".

  • In the flame of the Marches she sees a series of comforting visions.

  • Matches expect to be the flame to light up your heart.

  • No matter you came along or with your buddies.

  • We hope you will be more happier and comfort than the moment when you just came in.


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