Xiang Chu Niu Tainan Fresh Beef Hot Pot

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Xindian Dist., New Taipei CityNo 252, Sec.3, Zhongxing Rd.

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  • About Xiang Chu Niu Tainan Fresh Beef Hot Pot:

  • The restaurant uses "hot pot" to present the natural flavor of ingredients. If you want to taste the fresh and sweet flavor of Taiwanese warm beef, you are in the right place! The beef is slaughtered and delivered on the same day.

  • Excellent Ingredients:

  • Besides the quality of the beef itself, the soup of the hot pot is also great! It is made from a variety of vegetables and fruits, making its taste sweet and delicious! The soup goes perfectly with the warm and tender beef!

  • Nearby attractions:

  • After the food, you can take a walk in the nearby "Little Bitan Landscape Plaza", which not only has a spacious outdoor field, but also has a panoramic view of the city!


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