PENANG | ATAS & Au Jardin

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Penang 125, Jalan Timah, 10150 George Town, Pulau Pinang

About Merchant
  • Two of Malaysia’s most acclaimed chefs- Tyson Gee from ATAS at the RuMa Hotel, and chef-patron Kim Hock Su of Penang's Restaurant Au Jardin- join forces in this two-city dining experience; on 3rd December at Au Jardin in Penang, and on 10th December at ATAS in KL.

  • Both cooking studious yet delicate dishes with a strong focus on provenance, there are distinct similarities between chefs Tyson and Kim Hock; but enough deviation to make this one of the most exciting four-hands cooking collaborations in Malaysia today.

  • Restaurant au Jardin (oh-JAAH-DHUN)(/ʒaʁ.dɛ̃/) is an elegant and intimate, 18-seater restaurant with an emphasis on natural and seasonal ingredients.

  • Our artisanal menu developed by Chef Kim Hock is built around passion in showcasing the freshest ingredients through simple but beautiful dishes that reflect both culinary tradition and creativity.

  • We believe every ingredient has its purpose and place in our beautifully crafted creations.