Chanshuo Immersion

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Taiping Dist., Taichung CityNo.218, Shantian Rd.

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  • There are only a few small tents in this mountain forest. Come here to Glamping, relax and eat good food, all the goodness is here. Hidden in the mountains of Taichung City's Taiping District, it is located 700 meters above sea level under the mountainside, where the breeze blows all year round and the temperature is comfortable for camping. There are no noisy city sounds here, far away from the light and noise, just you and the quiet in the mountains. Quiet in the mountains is a paradise where you can temporarily get away from the daily chores and pressure of life. If you want to experience nature, you don't have to work hard to prepare camping goods, just bring a relaxed heart. Come to Mountain Quiet for a vacation!


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