Hotel Indigo Taipei North

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Zhongshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.200, Zhifu Rd.

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  • When strolls over to Hotel Indigo Taipei North, a building surrounded by mountains and river while displaying its perfect design in integration of bricks and river. You may feel an immediate immersion into a magnificent wonder displayed in the form of a tortuous river. Three hundred years ago, as the river was filled up with soil, the vibrant ferry boat owners and Sanjiaodu fisheries gradually faded into obscurity. The area was utilized for duck-raising and farming in the past now has transformed into waterfront mansions; river boats (sampan) and coal industries have now emerged as dragon boat competition during the festival; houses with black tiles and red bricks now have been replaced with skyscrapers and department stores. The evolving trend of Dazhi that goes along with the winding river shall be represented by Hotel Indigo Taipei North.

  • Delving deep into the history of the Keelung River, Dazhi’s residents have survived through farming, fishing, and hunting. The river boat culture and the red bricks origin have enriched Dazhi, allowing the diachronous birth of Hotel Indigo Taipei North, a perfect place to cultivate inspiration and to experience abundant life.