Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Sciene Park

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East Dist., Hsinchu CityNo.111, Sec. 2, Gongdao 5th Rd.

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  • Many people remember the heyday in the 1990s in Silicon Valley where excess was expected, both in number of hours of work to the fringe benefits such as five-star chefs providing 24/7 food for the exceedingly well-fed and pampered techies. This extended to their offices which included bicycle tracks, slides between floors, and other eccentric designs. The present-day working environment in Silicon Valley is still at the top of the mountain when it comes to design. Modern life-size versions of playground equipment may not be as common as they once were, but the thought of combining leisure and work can still be found. There still seems to be a move towards open-areas where people can gather for brainstorming as well as collaborating on projects. The Hsinchu Science Park is also called the Silicon Valley of Taiwan. We also strive to create a community-related hub to appeal to a greater Hsinchu audience.

  • Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park (Hotel Indigo HSP) is conveniently located adjacent to the main freeway exit and just a few minutes driving from the Hsinchu Science Park. Hotel Indigo HSP represents a new innovation in Taiwan’s hotel sector focusing on lifestyle design and service catered towards global business travelers. Through close collaboration with world-renowned lighting consultant, UNOLAI Design and modern minimalist furniture designer, Stellar Works, the hotel owner Riant Capital has brought together a world class team to skillfully create a one of a kind Hotel Indigo in Hsinchu.

  • Not only local workers in the surrounding office buildings but to get the word out to the community that the Hsinchu Hotel Indigo serves as a canvas for the neighborhood to experience and enjoy. Steve Jobs once said that the hand is a human's most intuitive tool and there is no better computing tool otherwise. From the typewriter to blackberry to iPhones today, our hands have taken us on a technological journey through time. Have you tried to imagine how different technology usage today would be if we weren't able to have our hands guide us? This year, get ready to experience "Tech for the Curious" as we take you on technological wonders the moment you push open our doors.