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  • Quality Ingredient:

  • Ice: The water in Okinawa sea is frozen into ice cubes, which are turned into creamiest crushed ice. With natural sea salt and fresh taste, we guarantee our products in perfect hygiene.

  • Toppings : All fruits are in season! Fresh and healthy. Jasmine tea and brown sugar jelly, and more flavors that are not seen in other areas are going to amaze your tongue!

  • Decoration:

  • The blue and white building is on the corner with a little coconut tree in the front, which let you feel like you are in the vacation. The Hawaiian style is not only fashionable but also cools you down in the summer. Want to take some photos for Instagram? Here is your best choice!

  • Perfect Location:

  • Close to Kokusai Dori, the top 1 tourist spot in Okinawa! If the weather is excruciatingly hot, come here and enjoy air con!