Wu Chun Tea Hall ( Dadun )

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Nantun Dist., Taichung City1F., No.377, Dajin St.

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  • The restaurant features: "You Chun" takes the meaning of "surplus" in Taiwanese, which is a source of peace of mind in any era.

  • Taiwan is an island of integration, where people from all over the world have different nostalgic feelings, and then interpret the flavors of their memories with a tolerant heart.

  • Food features: In addition to grandma's hand-made dishes, there are a variety of fried food and tea made with a secret recipe, such as fried rice cakes, herbal phoenix claws, spicy duck blood, etc. The signature drinks are taro puree milk green and oolong spring pearl milk tea made with taro from Dajia.

  • Decoration: The spacious dining environment and cheerful color scheme make the dining atmosphere more lively and suitable for both friends and families to enjoy each other's company in a joyful atmosphere.


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