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East Dist., Taichung City2F., No.76, Nanjing Rd.

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  • Kaidon is a Japanese-style grill donburi restaurant. It is constantly creating new flavors to challenge your imagination of grill donburi. Known as the best grill donburi in the world, it is the most popular grill donburi restaurant on the internet because it is confident in both taste and quantity.

  • Word of mouth: 4.5 stars with a high Google rating. The meat is tender, seasoned to perfection, and the lettuce wrapped in meat is so crisp and aromatic, a must for meat lovers.

  • Must-try ingredients: Grilled Diced Filet Gyudon, Grilled Salted Green Onion Beef/Pork Donburi, and Japanese Style Grilled Beef/Pork Donburi. The "Kung Fu Sauce" is made with Japanese soy sauce, natural mirin, and pure brewed white miso, and boiled with natural ingredients such as apple puree, malt sugar, and sea salt; the "Egg" is made with Dabusan Rakugo eggs, which are quality controlled from the source to provide the safest and safest AA grade eggs; the "Fresh Rice" is the first-grade rice chosen by the Emperor of Japan. It is a perfect combination with the perfect texture and sweet aroma to match with the grilled meat.


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