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Senya Kagurazaka branch
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Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kagurazaka, 1 - 10 三径ビル 6F

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About Merchant
  • Introduction:

  • 4.4 stars on the Google review, seafoods send straight from Minara harbor and all over Japan. This izakaya will change the way you think of Izakaya, fashionable space, large television screen, enjoy an exciting sports event and toast with sake.

  • Signature Dishes:

  • Amberjack shabu shabu: sliced amberjack shabu, the light but elegant taste of amberjack, pair that with tangy ponzu sauce, brings out the natural flavor of amberjack.

  • Deep fried oyster: crunchy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside, burst of umami with just one bite.

  • Tourist Attraction:

  • Kagurazaka is one of the attraction around the restaurant, enjoy this so-called "Little Paris" in Tokyo metropolitan area.